Torque Media Leap of Faith

     Torque Media was founded on the premises that we could simply, do it better. Working for large tech companies left us browsing local websites and rolling our eyes, these local businesses were missing so much opportunity. These were businesses you’d hear on the radio but couldn’t find online. Whether it be through the design of their website, eye catching photos, missing call to actions, these businesses had no online appeal. We desperately wanted to help them and had grown tired of the political and social games our jobs had to offer. Our focus turned to enriching our lives, along with our customers, and Torque Media was born.

     Initially, we set out as independent business consultants. We worked together and referred business because we enjoyed working together and shared a common vision – to do what is right for the customer. Eventually, consulting for businesses became frustrating when were working with agencies outside of our team. Maybe they felt threatened by us, as they should, because they made doing business difficult for us and their customer. All the more reason for our team to unite, in what has become Torque Media. Torque Media is simply, friends making a living together, and doing what is right to support our customers. Contact us today, and we’ll be honest about what we can do for you!

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