Essential Elements

Business Objective

  • Essential Elements was using a website company located in Michigan that initially worked for them – it had info about the business and people would call to book appointments; but it wasn’t helping the business grow.
  • Essential Elements wanted a relationship with a creative website company who could help them to reach more people easily.

Services Provided

  • Website Design – Torque Media worked with Interrobang Creative to create a bold and vibrant color scheme that matched the clients personality and we worked tirelessly to understand their products & services so we could cultivate quality website content. This work also served to update all marketing materials and brochures for the business.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Help their business get found online in Essex Junction, VT.
  • Business Listing Creation – Fixed maps, they were all sending the customer somewhere different.
  • eCommerce – Hook their existing CRM tool up to the website to automate the scheduling, billing, and emailing of clients.

Our Recommended Next Steps

  • Begin blogging
  • Merge blogging with social media & newsletters to drive website traffic.
  • Begin using UTM’s to track all inbound traffic.
  • Work on a mulit-purchase service offering.
  • Always analyze results.

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