Freedom Rains

Business Objective

  • Freedom Rains had a website that an employee had built at one point, and the login had been lost. They felt it was time to “update it” a bit, and we offered some suggestions.

Services Provided

  • Website Design – As a premium daycare provider, they need attract a premium teacher. The business offers great employee benefits so we sought to pair that, with their services – to provide value to parents, while actually attracting the best teachers the area has to offer.
  • Enrollment Streamlining – Enrollments for the school came from different places, some taken over the phone, others by email, and post service. We streamlined these operations so all enrollments come into one simple place, to be handled in the order that they were received. Client has realized great time savings here.

Our Recommended Next Steps

  • Update photos where necessary.
  • Update as necessary.

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