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Why are Google Analytics Important?

Do you know for a fact that your website is doing better this year than it was last year? If yes, then how is it doing better? Or, do you get this sense because friends and customers say “I saw you online?” This question is critically important to your business because the reality is, one small change can derail your business online.

Google Analytics is how you measure and weigh the value of all your online operations. Yes, I said ALL! With our Google Analytic training we’ll show you and train you to measure, monitor, and report, on every dollar you spend online. For instance, if you feel that people visiting your “Contact” page is a high indicator that they will call or visit your business, then you are correct. Now, if a recent change to the website creates a 50% decrease in people visiting that page, and an increase in people leaving your website from another page – that is a big deal that needs to be fixed! Google Analytics helps track the data that give us the insights we need so we can deploy actionable website improvements.

How Torque Media Helps Customers with Google Analytics

Website and Advertising Analytics

Every website we touch will have a Google Analytics account attached to it, for our reporting or yours. For Self Managed Website Subscribers the installation will be basic with no custom build outs, reports, or KPIs unless requested. For Managed Website Subscribers Torque Media will work to identify core traffic parameters so they can be measured as well as create custom reports that reflect insights that are important to you, and your business specifically. Then, we’re going to show you how to dig in and begin drawing conclusions from the data that you are seeing! Your Google Analytics will show us where and how your website is growing so that we can make adjustments that help increase the results you receive. Our goal is to ensure that every dollar you spend on Digital Marketing can be measured and accounted for.

Social Media Measurement with Google Analytics.

Let’s say you’ve hired someone to manage your social media, they’ve been running around for 2 months with a phone in hand and you are wondering “is this working?” Your Google Analytics should be providing you answers and if it isn’t, we’ll get you set up to answer those questions. Your Social Media should be a driving force behind website visitation and new customer acquisition. Hire Torque Media to organize your analytics and train your team to use them.

Directory measurement with Google Analytics.

Businesses can waste a lot of time managing online directories like your Google Business Listing and others. There are companies that can help you do this to the tune of several hundreds dollars per month, or, you can keep it simple and really use the ones that people in your area use the most! Torque Media will help you independently track phone calls, emails, website visits, and more from these online directories. If you think Yelp is a waste of your time, this is how we’ll be able to prove it to you!

Analysis paralysis is what happens when you have so much reporting, that it either no longer becomes actionable or you get lost trying to draw conclusions. Trust us, we’ve lived it to make sense of it, and that’s why we’re here! Torque Media has the documents, and plans to make this venture simple for you. We can provide the training and experience you need, to draw conclusions and next steps from all the numbers in your data. Contact Torque Media to get your Google Analytics going today!

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