Green Heat

Business Objective

  • Green Heat was in the process of rebranding from Andrew Stevens Heating to Green Heat when they contacted Torque Media for website assistance. Their old website was good, but it just needed rebranding they felt. After looking at their website, we could see it was low on SEO, and in the process of rebranding them, we could deliver exceptional value.

Services Provided

  • Website Design – A new look consistent with the new logo was created. 
  • Content Development – We utilized their old website content to build full landing pages for each service provided.
  • Analytics – Website traffic was not being tracked so we installed Google Analytics so we can learn what works well, and what doesn’t, for their buisiness.

Our Recommended Next Steps

  • Update photos as time allows.
  • Begin blogging about primary services & use these pages to support social media content.

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