How to write content for a webpage

Writing is a personal thing, sure there are rules, but everyone writes differently. From their approach, word selection, and strategy. The goal of this page is to bring simplicity to a request that often feels daunting – this is the approach we use, for generating content for our clients. This is stage 1, and content could go through many stages before publication. But if you are stuck on what to include on a page, this is a great place to start.

Remember in elementary school English there was a “process” for writing a paper, and your lab reports? Your content will flow a lot like that, and we infuse a bit of SEO strategy to help both of us out. Use this template to start the content for your page:

As you write this content, your key term should appear 4 times in the content and the location (city, state) once.

  • What is the page about?
    • These become the pages keywords.
    • Use anywhere between 1 and 7 words.
  • State your argument/point/value statement/service for the page.
    • What about the keywords is the rest of the content on this page going to say?
    • The overarching value statement of this page, forms your meta description.
    • The rest of the content you produce, will prove, then conclude the point of your page.
  • 2-3 Supporting Paragraphs
    • Describe the argument/point/value statement/service. What is it, what does it do, who is it for.
    • Relate, how your product/services benefits, solve the prospective customers problem.
    • Benefits, not features. WIFM
      • Feature: This car has air conditioning.
      • Benefit: The air conditioning in this car is crisp and cold, the perfect escape on a hot day.
    • Other info more pertinent to the subject matter.
  • Conclusion
    • Tie it all together and ask the visitor to take a next step – what will it be?
    • Call to action: where should they click, go, or do, next?