Lauren Small Therapeutics

Business Objective

  • A massage therapist embarking on their solo career, needed a website and digital presence. 
  • The ability to book appointments is important but, not quite ready to commit to a system, we created a way to build conversation.
  • Needs help being discovered and found online.

Services Provided

  • WordPress Website – Where potential customers meet, learn about the business, and schedule appointments.
  • Graphic Design – Client needed a logo for website, business cards, and more!
  • Google Analytics – To track what is, and isn’t working so we can make intelligent changes down the road. 
  • Business Listings – Listed on Google, Yellow Pages, and 60 other locations like these.

Our Recommended Next Steps

  • When a customer visits the “Schedule Appointment” page, they expect to execute this function. Without being able to schedule on the spot, we fear the form submission rate will be lower than we want it to (which will affect the number of appointments booked). We would highly suggest a live calendar booking service and can recommend them. One or two extra appointments made, will pay for the cost all year long.

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