Dream Machine Starter

Dream Machine Starter

The Dream Machine Website is short, sweet, and to the point. Setup cost is determined by our Statement of Work, and the monthly fee covers the monthly technology fees of the website. It is not uncommon to run out of time and need your website completed ASAP or to run into issues that leave you stuck. When working with us, we’ll help you though these tough patches. You are always welcome to ask us for extra help, with custom work.

$79.00 / month


A Dream Machine website provides you access to the WordPress Platform with the support of a website company behind you – you are the developer of your dream! Torque Media charges a “technology fee” that pays for the monthly expenses we incur for the services of your site. This is a low cost option for a level of support that is very hard to find.

Your blank website will be constructed utilizing the worlds most widely used, and well supported website infrastructure, WordPress. Contact us with questions you may have about selecting the right package for you! We’ll review your business goals, and the timeframe in which you wish to complete them, and suggest the best package & support for you.

What you get with this Dream Machine Website Package

  • Hosting – Puts your website live, on the internet.
  • SSL Certificate – Because customer security is important.
  • WordPress Website Infrastructure –  You build your own website with this package, or we can help via a Statement of Work.
  • Premium Website Editor – So you can make changes when you want to.
  • Unlimited Website Forms – Capture sales leads and consumer interest from your website.
  • Google Analytics – Track where traffic comes from and why it converts into business so you can get more.

Description of Services

  • Website Set Up
    • Upon your enrollment, Torque Media will point your domain to your new WordPress website hosted on our servers.
    • We’ll perform an SSL Certificate set up.
    • Your website will be connected to your Google Analytics account, or an account will be created for you.
    • We’ll provide a 1-on-1 virtual training session on how to use the website tools and direct you to additional training sources.
    • From here, your blank website is ready for you to build! (If you would prefer us to build the first version, please ask for a quote)
  • Managed Services:
    • There are no managed services included in this package, they can be purchased a-la-carte.
  • Technical Support Services:
    • Technical Support Services maintain the infrastructure of the website platform. Technology is constantly evolving and Torque Media will be making regular updates to your website to account for these improvements. The original website structure is covered by these services however, client generated problems, issues, website recovery, and on page enhancements, may be considered Custom Work based on the package enrolled.


Common Questions

  • What does the set up fee cover?
    • The set up fee pays our staff to set up the tools and foundation of your website.
  • What happens after the website goes live?
    • Is ultimately determined by you in this package. Your monthly fee pays for the systems and tools that we are providing you and there is no inclusion of additional support in this package. Should you need more assistance with your website build or making changes later down the road, these changes will be scoped and billed separately as custom work.


Need an eCommerce Website?

We can add eCommerce tools to any website we create. Contact us for more information and to get a quote!