Business Photographer

Business photos are critical in today’s market

Between 1999 & 2019 consumer shopping behavior has evolved more than it has in any other time in history, because of the internet. Shoppers want quick and easily digestable information. They don’t take the time to read anymore and resort to video and photos to tell their story. This change in behavior began around 2007 when Amazon went big, then Facebook exploded just a few years later, and with the advent of the iPhone, the way we shop, engage, and connect, changed forever. To capture the eyes and ears of these customers, you’re going to need an archive of good, creative, photos that you can use on your website and social media as needed. If a photo is worth 1,000 words, then this is your hint… It’s time to step up your business photo game and there is no easier way to do it than with a business photographer!

Torque Media knows Business Photography

  • Torque Media understands Internet Photography
  • We’re not photographers that just take pictures; we’re digital specialists with a keen eye for design.
  • If we’re building your website then we know where the holes are and where more photos could add pop. 
  • We’re young social media evangelicals that grew up on the internet – we know how to use the fun tools, and how to make them shine too.

Call us when you need us

  • Have an event that you’d like to capture photos from? We do that.
  • Recently received a new line of products? We do that too.
  • Your exterior has been updated or enhanced? No problem.

We’re more than competitive

  • Sure we’re trying to build our brand and that helps but, aside from our full photography services we offer a price point that most other photographers won’t touch – raw/unedited photos.
  • Looking for a photography discount? Ask about our raw/unedited photos. We’ll show up and shoot just like normal however, at the end, we simply upload the photos to your computer and you can do with them as you wish! It can save a boat load of money!

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