Why is a professional headshot important?

There is no question about it, a professional headshot is empowering. Prior to 2007 a headshot was only really needed for your business card, or maybe your website if you were a business partner. Fast forward, and now we have LinkedIn profiles, professional Facebook accounts, and our businesses are featuring us on their websites. If you really think about it, a LinkedIn profile without a headshot, says more about the individual than it shows..you don’t want to be that candidate.

Why are staff photos important?

  • Your media, and your employees, represent. your business. Low quality and unprofessional photos will communicate the same about your organization, products, and people.
  • Taking a good photo of your employees and giving them a copy, is a gift of value. Do you often provide these kind of gifts or benefits to your employees? This is a win for the business, and the employee.
  • Staff photos on your Intranet discourage cold responses, and humanizes people leading to more effective workplace dialogues.
  • They provide an identity to a department, group, or entity which helps create a sense of community within the business and helps customers navigate & find department personnel.
  • Provides a versatile asset that can be used in many ways:
    • On your website or in a brochure.
    • As a Social Media opportunity to congratulate, promote, or thank an employee.
    • Signatures & email platforms.


$50 per headshot with a minimum of $150.
Transparent backgrounds, add $10 each.

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