Location Photography

What is location photography? Let’s be honest, it’s a “catch all” category that we made up because businesses and people alike, have many different photo needs! If you are in need of great photos to spruce up your website, social media, Google Business Page, to cover an event, or even to hang on the wall, Torque Media would love to help fulfill the need! We have on-staff photographers and in some instances (for remote clients) we have contract photographers that help fill our needs. Let us know what it is that you need, and we’ll line you up with the best photographer to get the job done. 

Tips for successful location photography shots

  • Light – Most people don’t think about it but, Light is what makes Location photos pop. Having the night shot with the lights on, the light the sun creates as it sets, or simply having the sun illuminating a building makes the shot come together. Take a look at your location and let us know, what time of the day are you looking to capture?
  • Variety – A great shot of your business does wonders and can answer many customer questions but, make sure the photographer you choose, is going to give you more than a photo of a building. The details around your building will become invaluable over time.

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