Product Photography

Quality product photography sells, there is no doubt about it. A poorly lit necklace may appear lackluster however, a well lit photo of the same necklace can evoke a connection between the product and buyer, that sells. Moreover, these days people simply don’t read! As the saying goes, a photo says 1,000 words and your product photography needs to speak for all 5 of your senses – taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound. Is it time to refresh your website and showcase your products on social media to reach new buyers? If you are in need of product photos for your business, Torque Media will be happy to provide a demonstration of their work, on your products. From there, it will become our goal to showcase your products to their fullest potential.

Your product photography should serve multiple purposes…

… because after all, you are paying for them. In our opinion backgrounds are nice but receiving images with transparent backgrounds makes them more usable. Now with the individual photos, you can assemble product displays, add seasonal backgrounds, use them in marketing, and the list goes on. 

How to set up a good product photo shoot

  • Location – Generally best done at the business. 
  • Space – For small products a space that provides a 10’x10′ area for moving around is sufficient. For larger products we can accommodate up to 20’x10′ or 10’x20′ objects.
  • Lighting – All necessary lighting will be brought by the photographer.
  • Energy – Select a photographer that is as excited about your products as you are.
  • Let’s talk, we’ll plan it all out and then meet for the shoot!

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