Customer Service

Customer Service is the core of everything we doin business. With a diverse history of experience we’ve seen a full spectrum of Customer Service wins and fails. Having developed a Customer Service program for a major hotel chain that was adopted world wide, we have a way of seeing the full picture and thinking outside the box for ways to improve and enhance your customers journey. If you are looking for a secret shopper, insights into your advertising, or a bit of training for the team, Torque Media can create a way to investigate your business and get your teams back on course for excellent customer service interactions

Customer Service affects Marketing – yup, we said it, no one wants to admit it though! Do you have any idea how many times we’ve has sat in front of a business owner and heard “the marketing isn’t working?” More times then we would like to admit here, but relish in this insight if you will – Digital Marketing is the most trackable form of advertising, in the world. To sit there and say “it isn’t working” is an assumption – remember those reports? They show that phone call volume has increased 20% since the recent campaign begun. When we called the store to to secret shop the new marketing campaign guess what we found – people answering the phone who knew nothing about the campaign, often they were rushed, and curt over the phone. You would be surprised how your customer service interactions are affecting your business daily! The Torque Media team knows what to look for and can get it done without being noticed. Our findings are just for your eyes and ears, so when you want customer transparency, contact us for an in depth customer service review of your business.

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