Graphic t-shirts and or embroidery are not only a great way to make your employees feel a part of the team but they provide a unified look of professionalism for your business. We’re happy to handle as much or as little of this effort as you would like. Some customers have us create the design, while others have us ship them thousands of completed shirts. Whatever your need, we’ll find a way to take care of you.

Ordering custom apparel can be complicated. With hundreds of printing options and variables the process can get a bit confusing. However, Torque Media’s professional designers are here to make this process as simple as possible. For the best price on the market, our designers will prepare your artwork for print, provide mock ups, and have your apparel shipped directly to you. Just fill out our quick questionnaire to get the dialogue started!

The Design Process

Our Graphic Design team will contact you to discuss your needs and draft a quote. The more visual you can be with describing your design wants, needs, and desires, the better! For instance, if you look at the “Einstein’s” shirt that is in the rotator above, that design process went a lot like this: “I want an oval shaped logo, put our business name at the bottom, inside the oval we want Einstein’s face (we like this photo of him), and since we have a lot of beer taps we want with hops in the design too.” The only thing better than a good description, is a drawing of your idea! You don’t have to be a good artist either, we only need to get an idea of what you want, and where you want it. The rest, will come out in our planning conversation!

Ready to get a quote?

This email goes directly to our graphic designer who will engage with you to plan your project. Your email address will not be sold or shared outside our company.