Business Photography

Business Photography

Product, employee, & location photography.

Google Business Listings

Set up, optimization, & management.


Easy to manage WordPress websites.​

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Logos, Signs, Apparel, Advertisements, and More

Digital Marketing

Lean, mean, & targeted ad campaigns.

Google Analytics

Data driven decision making practices.

Social Media

Simplify your strategy & stand out.

Torque Media Business Solutions are perfect for small businesses.

When you are a small business you want to hire a marketing director, a photographer, a graphic designer, a marketing specialist, and the list goes on of all the great people you’d like to add to your organization. When the cash flow isn’t there to support these positions, the work often falls on the owners shoulders. When it all falls on you that means sleepless nights, stress, and everything that comes with it. This is where Torque Media Managed Business Solutions make a difference. Hire us for a special project, to launch a new program, to review and update what you have, or to rebrand your business. Our goal, is to reduce the pressure and help you find success. Now, let’s get to work!

The help you need, when you need it most.

Every business doesn’t have a “digital master” living within to tend to the website, email marketing, business listings, and social media. Most businesses know these things are important but still lack the knowledge to direct these marketing channels. This is why you hire Torque Media. Torque Media will meet with you, gain an understanding of what you are looking to achieve, and offer simple and effective solutions to your challenges. We’ll craft solutions, then train you and your staff to tackle these challenges head on. Just think about how this small investment can transform your business. One day you have a receptionist that spends time on Facebook, the next day you have a receptionist that is advertising on Facebook, or building a new webpage to support your new service. Invest in your business, and invest in your team, with Torque Media Business Services!