Torque Media Websites are the heart of everything we do.

Think for just a moment, what would the world be today, without websites? No email, no Facebook, no booking ahead, or getting tickets online. In many ways, websites have revolutionized the world around us. Using the “internet” became a norm in 2000 when email and music sharing programs like Napster became popular in Schools, and then in homes. Everything changed in 2007 when the iPhone debuted; the dawning of mobile technology. Facebook and Google became household names. Now-a-days, if you’re not online, you’re literally getting left behind. Every business needs a website whether for the purpose of conducting sales, scheduling appointments, or merely to provide information. A website is a business formality that customers expect and without one, you’re missing the easiest and most important way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Beautiful and functional websites to meet your business and/or personal needs.

The crew at Torque Media have been working in the Digital Marketing field since 2007 and in that time we’ve worked closely with some of the worlds largest brands to craft regional and national website programs. Our experience and attention to detail helps businesses act quickly and professionally to relaunch, or rebrand, their online image. From website layouts to the website photography, we want you to be happy with your new website. As we look at the website market there are a lot of shiny things out there today to help businesses get online easily like WIX, SquareSpace, BigCommerce, and WordPress to name a few. Which one is best for you is subjective but, we’ve worked on all of them and elect to use WordPress as the core foundation of our websites. WordPress is the most commonly used website/blogging platform used around the globe which says a lot for their product. It’s strong, yet flexible, and well maintained. In a nutsell, it makes it easy for us to make you look great online! And, if managing your own website is a desire, we can make it easy for you to learn too.

Why Torque Media Websites?

  • We offer flexible packaging and pricing to meet a variety of advertising and budgeting needs.
  • We’re a growing business that plans to offer new and innovative services.
  • Our support team is available as much or as little as you need us.
  • We work proactively to keep your website and business information up to date.
  • We go above and beyond to ensure your experience and marketing message is the best it can be. We put a lot of work and thought into the work we do, so you can be proud of the way customers see your business online.
  • Our business is designed to help you save time, money, and headache.

At the end of the day your Website is more than just an address and pictures on the internet. Chances are, more potential customers get to know you through your “virtual business” than physically walk through the door every day… If your business isn’t fully & well represented online, then we need to speak. We can help you with all the steps from managing your Google Business Listing, your Website, and your Social Media strategy. With friends like us to help you out along the way, having your business well represented online, can be much easier! The Torque Media team is here to help.

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