Stripe Gateway Set Up

Create your account

  •  Visit to create and set up your account. Just follow the “start now” dialogue on the home page or, contact sales if you wish.

Set up your account

  • Log into your account
  • From Homepage, click “Activate Payments” button. From here, you will need to pertinent details about the business like:
      • Business Info: Contact, Address, Phone, Email, EIN
      • Owner/Decision Maker Personal Info: Contact, Address, Phone, Email, SSN
  • Click the cog in the top right corner of the page. In Business Settings, click the link and fill out all details for:
      • Account details
      • Business details
      • External payout accounts and scheduling
      • Tax details
      • Branding
  • Add Torque Media
      •  Go to the Team & Security page 
          • Click the cog in upper right corner
          • Settings
          • Team & Security
          • Add “” with the Developer Role.
          • Notify us via email personally please.

Torque Media Next Steps

  • Set up Testing & Production environments
  • Install Webhooks

Client Testing & Training

  • Turn on “Testing” for the payment processor
    • Begin adding products to your cart.
    • Confirm shipping calculates as expected.
    • Confirm taxes calculates as expected.
    • What is missing from this process?
    • Confirm you like your receipt and that it includes everything it should.
  • Create your first purchase to initiate the bank transfers.
    • Reduce a product to $1 and complete a check out.
      • Check your bank statement to see how your charge looks. It should show your business name.
      • Make sure you receive that payment in your account (first charge takes 7 days to process).

Customer Responsibility:

At this point your account should be “ready to go” but, I like to make absolutely sure by walking through it with a representative first. Contact Stripe to confirm the set up of your account and have a conversation about how to prevent fraud on your account:

  • Contact Stripe Support:
    • Use 3rd option “Request a Phone Call”
    • Select “other” (The purpose of your call is to confirm your account is set up correctly, to learn about the services, and confirm you have covered your based regarding fraud)
    • Let them know:
      • I am new to accepting payments online through my website.
      • I’m calling to ensure that my account is set up properly before setting it live.
      • I’m worried about online fraud, and how it could affect my business.
      • What steps do I need to take to protect myself and my business against fraud?
    • Important items to cover in this conversation:
      • Make sure that when your client reviews their bank statement, that your business name will appear on it. Otherwise, they may not recognize the charge and may contest the charge.
      • Also worth asking if this interests you:
        • Learn how to send an invoice from Stripe to a Client
        • Learn how to share a payment Link with a Client
        • You can learn a lot more through the documentation on the link provided above too.


If you wish – you can learn about these items too

  • Stipe will also allow you to send a bill to someone which they click to pay online.