Vermont Drone Service

Business Objective

  • Vermont Drone Service was a new business and they needed a simple and easy website that they could use to market their videography & photography through. They wanted a website that will serve the business upfront, but also as business changes. Seeing as their business focuses on online engagement, having a gallery for displaying a portfolio through was important to them..

Services Provided

Our Recommended Next Steps

  • For each client – post a blog that includes a description kind of like this page, and a video from it. Over time this will build a nice “portfolio” that can be searchable by tags you assign to the videos. 
  • Post all videos to YouTube with a brief description and a link back to the client page. 
  • Post something to your social media channels about the work, linking it back to the client page.
  • Use UTM’s to track all inbound traffic.
  • Always analyze results.

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