Website not displaying correctly?

Does it appear that your website is not displaying correctly? Here's how you can troubleshoot, and potentially fix the issue!

How website code and internet browsers work. 

The way you see your website online is a complex array or website code that is often a combination of several different coding languages. Your website browser is essentially an application that interprets these these languages to display what you see, as the website. As the internet continues to evolve to become more secure and user friendly these languages change, are modified, and the interpretation of their usage can change. When, how, and by whom, these updates are deployed isn’t always something that can be controlled. This is why your website might have looked fine yesterday, but it doesn’t today.

On a Computer: Clear your cookies & cache, then restart your computer.

  • 99% of the time this will work. Sometimes a browser gets stuck and this is the easiest way to clear it’s mind. Not sure how to clear the cache in your browser? Google the answer and you’ll find instructions or video on how to do so.

On a Mobile Device: Shut down all applications, then restart.

  • 99% of the time this will work.
  • There are also methods for clearing cache & cookies but because the process varies by device and browser, it’s best to Google instructions for your specific device and browser.

What browser is being affected?

  • Try opening your website in different browsers. You can try Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer & Edge, FireFox, Opera, or other. When opening your website in different browsers look at the area of concern to see if the display changes from one browser to the other. 

Website only appears broken in one browser?

  • Confirm whether or not your browser is up to date. While keeping your browser up to date may seem an obnoxious task, it’s for your security. As mentioned above, the internet continues to evolve to thwart the efforts of hackers that steal personal information. Your browser stores much of this shopping data and as such, the way it uses language changes. These changes may affect how your website is displayed and how your personal information is stored. For this reason, it is always advisable to keep your website browser up to date.
  • Once your browser has been updated, clear your cache and restart your browser to verify if the issue persists.
  • If the issue persists, contact your website partner.

Website appears broken in all browsers?

  • Try a different machine. If the issue is the same there then contact your website partner to let them know. Sometimes a repair is very easy, other times it may be a more technical coding issue, or out of their control completely.
  • If the website works fine on the other machine, then the issue is within your computer. Make sure that your operating system, java, flash, and website browser are all up to date.

Helpful tips for submitting an issue:

  • Provide as much info as possible! The fewer questions that need to be asked and answered the faster the path to resolution.
  • To gather all technical data quickly and easily, visit this website and take a screenshot of the page to submit with your request:
  • Provide a link to the page where you are observing the issue.
  • Describe what object and where on the page you see the issue.
  • Describe how you expect the broken object to appear.

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