Managing Your Website


  • Do not add more plugins than absolutely necessary. Plugins create openings for hackers to enter your website and cause problems.
  • Always run an active SSL certificate.
  • Ask Torque Media to add Daily Website Scans to your package if you are concerned about hackers. These scans will notify us should an issue arise.

Manage Your Updates

  • It’s not important to update plugins and themes every time an update is available but, you do want to do it monthly at the least.
  • Keep themes up to date – this is for security and enhancement purposes.
  • Keep your plugins up to date – Before accepting an update, ensure that the update has been tested to work with your theme first, then perform the update. 

Tips for Editing your Website

  • We have selected Elementor as an easy to use website editing tool. This tool will help you build your website quickly, and easily. There are many tips, tricks, and how to’s documented on YouTube – check it out to learn more!
  • PHOTOS & IMAGES – Do not upload photos to your website that exceed 1mb in size. Always reduce the file size to a size smaller than 500kb whenever possible. Loading large images will slow down your website which frustrates visitors, and leads to poor search rankings.