Websites for Rolfer’s

What does it mean to work with a specialist in your field?

Welcome to Torque Media, where we understand the intricate dance between body and practitioner in the realm of structural integration. Much like a skilled Rolfer seeks to restore balance and alignment within the body, we aim to bring harmony to your online presence. In a landscape where clients seek solace amidst a myriad of options, we recognize the importance of clarity and resonance in communicating the profound benefits of Rolfing. With our expertise in website design tailored specifically for Rolfers, we empower you to not only be found in searches but to attract those seeking the transformative experience of Rolfing. Let us be your partners in articulating the essence of your practice, so your website becomes a beacon guiding clients towards the healing they seek.

Torque Media is working with Rolfers to influence change:

  • The Board of Directors for the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute
      • To increase national awareness on the benefits of Rolfing, and how it can help the body move.
      • To get Rolfers more for their annual fee.
      • To develop systems of marketing support that make marketing for Rolfer’s easier, less costly, and more rewarding.
      • To help potential clients, find Rolfer’s in their area.
  • To help Rolfer’s nationally
      • Be found in local searches, and generate more appointments.
      • To provide websites that make scheduling appointments with local Rolfers easier.
      • To save time and energy with client scheduling, managing payments, and Client Relationship Management tools.
      • To build digital presence, that builds your business.

Launching a website with Torque Media changed my life!

Hi, I'm KaylaAnn McGowan owner of Full Body Connection in Burlington, VT and I also serve as a board member of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute. In late 2022, I had the pleasure of meeting Torque Media at a networking event. What began as a simple inquiry for Rolfer services swiftly evolved into a profound business camaraderie. It became evident that Torque Media shared my passion for facilitating healing journeys through the transformative practice of Rolfing and structural integration.

Upon launching my redesigned website with Torque Media, the impact was almost immediate. Appointment bookings grew, allowing me to transition away from my secondary job. My typical "one week out" schedule quickly grew into three, then four weeks of fully booked sessions solely dedicated to my practice. With the growing demand for my services came the opportunity to adjust pricing accordingly. By early 2024, I was finally able to make a down payment on a home, a testament to the remarkable growth catalyzed by Torque Media's support.

If you're ready for change and eager to embark on your own journey of transformation, I recommend scheduling a consultation with Torque Media. It's your turn to unlock your potential and witness the incredible possibilities they can unleash for you.