What Does a Website Designer Do?

What is a website designer?

As the name suggests, a website designer is a person or team who designs a website! This means they work to create the structure of the site and the visual elements that make up the final result you see when you visit a website. This includes creating the layout of web pages, deciding where and how to present information to you, and choosing color schemes, fonts, and images or interactive features that will make the website appealing to its target audience.

What responsibilities does a website designer have?

A website designer ensures your website looks great and feels good.

Imagine entering a dirty and messy store, and it’s impossible to find the items you are looking for. How long would you stay in that shop or use it again? By contrast, when you enter a clean and well-presented store with clear signs helping you find what you need, you’re more likely to enjoy the experience and make a purchase. The same principle applies to websites. Users will not stay long on slow, unattractive websites, that are difficult to use. A website is often the first introduction someone will have to a company; therefore, website design plays a big role in the overall success of a business.

A website designer usually focuses on the “front end” of a website, designing all the visual and navigational elements. A website developer works on the “back end” to build and code the website. Other designers, such as Torque Media – a website designer in Burlington, Vermont – do both the design and development for your website and can continue to work with you for as long as you want to keeping your website up-to-date by performing website updates when needed.

What are the daily tasks of a digital creative website agency?

  • Meeting with clients to determine main concepts and goals.
  • Designing web pages, including the layout of each page.
  • Designing the color themes and fonts for the web pages.
  • Work on visual effects and images.
  • Design the layout and navigation of the entire website.
  • Develop designs that will function well on mobile view and desktop.
  • Create prototypes to present these ideas to clients clearly.
  • Work alone or collaboratively with developers to build the website.
  • Remain up to date, knowledgeable, and informed of changing digital trends, policy changes, and technology.

What skills do website designers need?

  • Using design tools – Website designers should be skilled users of web-building software. For example, at Torque Media (website designer in Burlington, Vermont), we use Elementor as a WordPress website builder platform which is easy for clients to use once the website is built. Other software can help design graphics and create prototypes and wireframes to present your ideas to your client clearly. Web designers should keep up to date with newly available tools to create modern, relevant designs.
  • UX – User Experience knowledge enables the website designer to create a website that feels good to use. Website designers will think about the path a website user will take and what they would want at each step of the way. The result will be an intuitive website that is satisfying to use.
  • UI – User interface design involves using interactive features, buttons, and screens to make points of interaction on a website user-friendly. It also involves using visuals like color, type, images, etc, to make these points aesthetically pleasing.
  • HTML/CSS – this enables designers to test different elements to check they will function well.
  • Communication – Website designers must be good at working with people. They will need to ask questions and listen carefully to the client to understand what functions the website needs. At Torque Media, Burlington, Vermont – we meet with our clients from the get-go to learn what is needed and to understand the company – its goals and ethos – so we can make sure our designs reflect the client’s goals. Good communication is essential as website designers need to work effectively with other teams – such as the client’s marketing and IT departments – and need to explain design ideas to colleagues in a way they will understand.
  • Be flexible and open to ideas – this goes hand in hand with communication. Website designers will receive feedback from clients throughout the design process, and clients may not like certain elements or want adjustments made. Flexibility is needed to respond well to these changes with enthusiasm and to be adaptable if designs simply don’t work when the website is actually built.
  • Digital marketing knowledge – Some clients will have a dedicated marketing team. Still, a good understanding of digital marketing will help website designers work together with the team to create a website that will effectively attract customers and have a good conversion rate.
  • Organization – Good time management skills are needed as website designers must work to meet deadlines.

What qualifications does a website designer need?

Some website designers may have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or design. However, a degree is not necessary to become a successful website designer. Some website designers are self-taught or have learned through online courses and, starting with small clients, have slowly built a portfolio of work.

Do you need help with your website?

A website designer is essential if you want to grow your business to the next level and need a professional website. Here at Torque Media, website designer in Burlington Vermont, we design high-quality websites that look and feel great to use. In addition to designing a sophisticated and efficient website, we can work to get your website seen by more people. We will create an online strategy for you and incorporate this into the website design to attract more customers and boost your conversion rate. We can also find out where your website traffic comes from so that you can focus on these areas to boost your business. At Torque Media, website designer in Burlington Vermont, we have worked with clients nationwide to create unique websites with great success. If you need a website designer, schedule a free consultation today.

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