Why Hire a Website Designer?

When creating a website, you have many options. Numerous “drag and drop” web builder applications are available to walk you through creating your site. Some even are advertised as “free website designers.” Alternatively, a professional can do the job for you. But with so many DIY tools out there, why hire a website designer?

Hire a website designer to get professional results

When designing a website, you must remember that online competition is high. If your site is poorly designed and doesn’t provide a good user experience, people won’t stay on it for long. Does your company have a flagship store or office? Before you opened this location, you likely considered how customers would respond to the appearance of the building. You chose decor, layout, and feature displays to draw people to your business and create a good experience. In addition, you made sure it was equipped with the tools needed to provide a good service. Your online presence deserves the same attention.

Okay, so you understand you need a well-presented, user-friendly site. But why hire a website designer instead of building the site yourself? Sites created using a DIY web builder often contain an ad banner and an unprofessional web-builder name on each webpage. This can give a poor first impression. Some users may even doubt the credibility of the company altogether. If you hire a designer, the result will be a professional site that looks trustworthy.

A website designer is drawing a wireframe

Better User Interface 

Another factor is the quality of the user interface – the ease with which a user can complete tasks. If the user interface is good, the user will be guided through their journey on each webpage. There won’t be any confusion about how to fill in forms or where to find information. The site will be intuitive, easy to navigate, and even enjoyable to use! This is part of a web designer’s expertise. On the other hand, if you have little experience in web design, you are unlikely to achieve this. Some business owners decide in time to hire an expert for a redesign to improve the user interface and yield better results.

A professional can also ensure that your site functions well and looks good on desktop and mobile devices. This can be challenging and time-consuming for inexperienced designers.

Save valuable time

Many web builders claim that with their software, you can create a website in no time at all, even in just a few hours. It’s true you can probably get the basics done in a short space of time using one of their templates. However, you’lllikely spend days, weeks, or months working on your site if you want good results. The web builder may pre-populate some design elements, but you will still need to consider what web pages and functions you require. You will need to create and add copy and visuals that are engaging and informative. The layout of your content will need to be adjusted, so it is easy to read. Along with this, you should think about optimizing your pages and content for SEO. This will help you be found online by potential customers. The work of a few hours? Not exactly. 

Professionals don’t claim to complete a site in hours. Instead, it will take weeks, even months, depending on the complexity of the design. For instance, creating a site for a large retail chain will take much longer than designing for an independent store. So why hire a website designer if it isn’t faster than doing it yourself? 

web designer watching the timeFirst, as already mentioned, an expert will be doing different work than a beginner. They will create a bespoke design and need to go through planning, mock-ups, optimization of the user interface and user experience, and meetings with their client to confirm the design before starting the actual web development. A business owner simply could not do this amount of work within the same timeframe and continue to run their business. Even using the most basic software, a business owner will have to take a lot of time away from their work to create their site. If you hire a professional, you can let them handle the web design, and you can focus on your business. 

In addition, a professional designer will test all web pages before they are launched to ensure that everything is working. This process will save you time dealing with crashes and problems after the launch.

Want a unique design – why hire a website designer? 

It would be natural to assume that the best way to get a unique design that is personal to your business is to create it yourself. After all, who understands your business better than yourself? While that is true, creating a web design yourself will not necessarily allow you to translate the feel of your brand onto the screen. Web builders give you a choice of templates. Often, the options for customizing these templates are limited, and creating something that looks unique can be challenging. A DIY site may look generic and dull, especially compared to a professional’s design. 

A skilled designer can create a website for you from scratch using coding rather than using a template. These skills allow them the freedom to work to your specifications and add complex features, such as user logins if required. In addition, a custom design can help you to stand out from the competition and give your customers an accurate idea of the service they can expect. A professional can also advise on incorporating up-to-date design elements that are still likely to be effective in the years to come. 

Resolve website problems quickly 

If you design your website yourself, you will need to fix any problems or bugs that arise. Unfortunately, many business owners find it’s not always possible to prioritize fixing these problems. Finding solutions can also take a long time. If significant issues arise, the final decision may be to hire a website designer to remodel the site. In the meantime, your problem will likely cause potential customers to leave and go elsewhere. Not having the time or ability to resolve problems quickly can cost your business dearly. 

Many professional design companies such as Torque Media, (Website Designer in Burlington, Vermont) offer website management as an ongoing service. Having expert advice on hand means your site can provide a consistent service for your customers. It also reduces your workload, allowing you to focus on your business and your clients. 

So, why hire a website designer? If you want a unique, professional site that will guide customers to your services/products and still be functional and relevant in the coming years, consider hiring a professional designer. They will save you valuable time and produce a website that will enhance your company’s credibility and reputation. In our opinion, it’s a no-brainer.